21 Day Transformation Program

About the Program

About the Program

Welcome to our programme! By committing to this programme, you will have the opportunity to cleanse your mind and body, rediscover your true self, set goals in different aspects of your life, and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

This programme offers a comprehensive approach that covers various areas of your life, providing you with the necessary tools to enhance your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Daily emails and videos will be provided, guiding you through exercises, journaling, nutrition, decluttering, and more.

Our NLP Practitioner, Alina, will be your guide and mentor throughout the programme, with a supportive group by your side. Accountability is key, as we celebrate each other's accomplishments and provide support during challenges. Let's embark on this journey together!

Next Uptake: Monday 8th April 2024

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Since starting this program, I have already seen a difference in the amount of undisturbed sleep I have been getting. I have started to see changes in my skin such as looking a lot clearer and feeling fresher.

I am now more drawn to picking up a piece of fruit as a snack during the day instead of sugary treats, which is a habit I am really grateful for developing with the help from this program as this is something in the past I have really struggled with.”

Witney, Oxfordshire

"I feel like I am becoming more resilient and disciplined which has allowed me to work on being in control of my emotions and prevent me from falling into the ‘avoidance cycle’ which I am so good at doing usually. However, this program so far is teaching me to just get things done and how good it feels once I have accomplished the task I would normally avoid doing.

Also, feeling in control about food choices and creating a healthy balance. For example, making that choice of choosing more healthier options over a take-away but still allow things like take-away in the diet sometimes."

Grays, Essex

"This program was a great kickstart to my healthy habits and new routines.

I found myself more aware of my choices, exercising regularly and feeling more confident about myself.

I also found a great community I am now part of, so would highly recommend this program to anyone out there!"

Witney, Oxfordshire