Alina & Yogi Bear

Alina & Yogi Bear

Qualified Yoga Instructor, NLP Practitioner & The Founder of Yogalina

Meet Alina. Ever since she was young, she had felt a strong pull towards spirituality. It was this curiosity that led her to try yoga back in 2012, initially drawn to that after-yoga feeling as it helped with her demanding career in Banking & Finance. As she continued to practise, she realised that yoga held a personal significance for her, and she decided to deepen her knowledge and practise by enrolling to The British Wheel of Yoga's Foundation and then Teacher Training Courses. Little did she know that a decade later, she would be running her own yoga studio in Oxfordshire.

Alina's speciality are invigorating dynamic sequencing such as Fast Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Broga where she creates intelligent sequences to keep you on your toes whilst having an uplifting music in the background. Grounding Hatha and Candlelight Deep Stretch are amongst other favourites of Alina.

Alina is dedicated to continuing her education where she spent a month in India in 2023 attaining a blended yoga qualification with a focus on mental & physical balance and adjustments. Additionally, Alina is passionate about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), where she helps people to turn their unhealthy habits into healthy, sustainable ones through her 21 Day Transformation Program.

When Alina isn't doing yoga (which is rare!), she enjoys spending time with her beloved doggie Yogi Bear, paddle boarding and exploring this beautiful world.

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Yogalina Manager & Yoga Teacher

Meet Sheryl. As our Business Development and Team manager, Sheryl is dedicated to cultivating our corporate portfolio and facilitating the expansion of our skilled professionals. Her wealth of experience makes her an invaluable asset during the growth phase of our business.

Sheryl is also a qualified Yoga Therapist, where she utilises both the wisdom of yoga and western science to help her clients achieve physical, emotional, and mental balance. Yoga has been an essential part of her life since her early 20s when Sheryl was battling extreme stress, anxiety, depression, and a non-existent work-life balance. The philosophy, meditation, self-study, and mindful movement helped her create a roadmap for herself to navigate these challenges and find balance amidst the chaos. Similarly, Sheryl has witnessed the transformative effects of yoga on her clients.

Sheryl has worked with women experiencing symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia, MS, anxiety, depression, pain, stress, and perimenopause. Through the therapeutic application of yoga, her clients have become stronger both physically and mentally, increased their energy levels, and developed emotional resilience. Sheryl's classes prioritise gentle and restorative practices, offering a slower approach to yoga. This includes conscious movement, breath work, relaxation, restorative yoga, and meditation or Yoga Nidra.

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Studio Assistant and Yoga Instructor

After spending 15 years as a professional singer-dancer, Charlotte stumbled upon yoga as a means to enhance her flexibility. As she consistently practised, she discovered an array of other benefits that captivated her. Consequently, she became a 200HR yoga teacher after completing her training with Vikasa Yoga in 2022.

Apart from yoga, Charlotte is a Holistic Health Coach, specialising in Gut Health, having obtained her certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Additionally, she has always had a fascination for the spiritual world, indulging in the purchase of crystals since she was young. Over time, her curiosity and knowledge about crystals grew, leading her to obtain further certifications in EFT Tapping, Crystal Healing, and Reiki. She is eager to continue on this path of learning and expanding her horizons.

In addition, Charlotte is an invaluable asset to the team supporting Yogalina with social media, events, admin and more.

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Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practitioner

After spending several years in Central and North America, Amanda has returned to the UK with a newfound passion for Reiki. Starting with self-practice and working with family, Amanda eventually became a practitioner and obtained her Reiki 1&2 certification. During her travels, Amanda also delved into women's moon and womb ceremonies, working closely with her Reiki teacher and Energy Healer, Luz Duque. Amanda's spiritual journey also led her to explore crystals and aromatherapy.

Amidst the pandemic, Amanda furthered her knowledge and expertise by becoming a 200H Yoga Teacher and gaining certification in Yoga Nidra. Recently, Amanda also became certified in 50H Menopause Yoga teacher training with Petra Coveney. Amanda strongly believes in the interconnectedness of all beings and nature. By aligning with the cycles of the moon, Amanda feels we can renew and release ourselves. Amanda encourages others to embark on their self-healing journey, as it is the beginning of finding one's true self and connecting to the world's energy.

Amanda has since provided chair yoga classes at local care homes, regular sessions for chair yoga & chakra yoga, and even offers Menopause Yoga courses and Reiki sessions at the Yogalina Wellness Centre.

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Pregnancy and Mum & Baby Yoga Instructor

Meet Alana, a certified YogaBirth 300H teacher, where she provides pregnancy yoga classes and mum & baby yoga sessions in a safe and supportive environment.

Alana's interest in yoga began during her midwife training six years ago, and she found it to be an effective way to stay present during a busy period in her life.

Prenatal yoga is a safe practice that can provide numerous benefits for both pregnant individuals and their babies, including improved sleep and reduced stress and anxiety.

The physical aspect of prenatal yoga, the asanas, can be done as frequently as necessary, with some opting for 3-4 times a week. For beginners, starting with 1-2 sessions a week is advisable to determine how they feel. On the other hand, breathing exercises and meditation can be done daily for maximum benefit.

Recently Alana gained an additional post-natal qualification and is now offering two Mum & Baby yoga sessions on Mondays.

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Wellness Integration Practitioner certified in NeuroLinguistic Programming, Havening Techniques® and Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) 

Meg is a dedicated Wellness Integration Practitioner with a powerful combination of methodologies for transformative change. Specialising in empowering individuals to overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and thrive in all aspects of life. 

Through personalised coaching sessions she helps clients cultivate resilience, master their mindset, and achieve their goals with confidence and clarity. Together you will navigate your journey towards fulfillment and lasting change. Areas of expertise: Mindset Mastery, Individual Coaching Sessions, Performance Coaching, Pure Havening, Phobias and Fears, Traumatic Events & Feelings, Career Strategist & CV Services, Personality Profiling, One to One Training, Addictive Behaviours.

When she’s not coaching, she loves spending time enjoying her hobbies of paddle boarding, yoga, reading, running, interior design, cooking for friends, and spending time with her rescue pets.

She would be delighted to have an informal chat about her services and how coaching can help you reach your full potential.

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Core & Pelvic Floor Healing Practitioner & Massage Therapist

Meet Jennie, a myofascial release therapist and movement teacher specialising in core and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Core weakness, and hip and pelvic floor issues prevent so many from enjoying the benefits of exercise. Jennie is convinced from her own experience that we can absolutely rebuild that deep connection to our core. Jennie is offering regular courses, as well as one-to-one core and pelvic floor healing sessions at the centre.

Jennie is also offering a variety of massages at the centre: Women's massage for core, back & hips; Persistent pain relief massage and Nervous System reset Massage.

Myofascial release massage helps to alleviate persistent lower back ache, promoting the healing of pelvic floor issues such as pelvic organ prolapse or leak pee while gaining balance and control for happy hips.

Jennie's 90-minute Nervous System Reset massage has gained a great popularity in the last year helping people to manage stress better, and those with long covid and fibromyalgia.

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Creative Events Facilitator

Hayliegh, the owner of Lyra & Atlas - a creative wellness and mindfulness business named after her children, believes in gentle ways of embracing creativity. She offers Macrame Workshops and Creative Circles to bring people together in the spirit of community and creativity. Hayleigh's macrame journey started in 2017, but she has always relied on creativity as a form of moving meditation. Her art provides a space for her to focus and allows her mind to quieten while worries flow through her fingers into beautiful creations.

Hayleigh hosts Creative Circles seasonally to celebrate the energies of the Wheel of the Year. These celebrations include equinoxes, solstices, and midway points. She believes in working with the seasons because she sees people as cyclical beings. This beautiful way of living can help individuals connect with nature.

Hayleigh is eager to welcome you to one of her workshops or circles to experience creativity's benefits and share magic through art. Moreover, she has recently become a representative of Yogalina, working with corporate customers, care homes, sports clubs, and others to deliver wellness services, yoga classes, and events.

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Angie's passion for the growth, support, and empowerment of women has led her to become the Moon Circles Facilitator.

Angie's love for yoga, which began in 2015, allowed her to discover the wisdom of the Moon and participate in numerous moon circles led by Yogalina.

As someone who has a deep connection with her Ecuadorean roots, nature, and people, Angie is an optimist who believes in the transformative power of every experience. Through her work as a Women Circles Facilitator, Angie offers a space where women can come together to connect and build a community. By incorporating the power of the Moon into her work, Angie helps women prioritise themselves and feel supported. Angie's professional background includes experience in international education, customer service, and hospitality in the UK, Spain, and Ecuador.

In her free time, Angie enjoys journaling, painting, and spending time with her three cats, her plants, and exploring local coffee shops with her friends and family.

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Moon Circles Facilitator

Meet Isabel, who is our Women Moon Circles Facilitator. Full Moon Circles aim to bring women together to share, connect and appreciate the lunar cycle's wisdom.

Having spent 15 years in the women's sector, she specialises in leadership development and holistic support for activists and refugee women. As a Training for Transformation practitioner, Isabel belongs to a global network of facilitators that seek to effect change through social justice, spirituality and environmental consciousness.

Isabel believes that Moon Circles are an empowering, radical gesture, providing women with a space to reconnect with one another and embrace traditional practices that are globally shared. As a sun sign, Isabel feels a sense of serenity from the moon's deeply feminine energies. During her leisure time, she engages in Yin and fast Vinyasa at Yogalina, takes long walks with her dog, and discusses world events, astrology and the latest nail art.

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Crystal Sound Baths Sessions

Throughout my years of study, I have delved into various forms of meditation, such as transcendental, Raja Yoga, Zen, mantra, and guided practices. In all my experiences, I have found meditation to be a deeply relaxing way to attain inner peace and clarity.

However, it wasn't until five years ago that I stumbled upon a new form of therapy that left me completely enamoured: the gong sound bath. The vibrations and profound sense of serenity I felt from the experience were transformative, leading me down the path of crystal bowl sound baths and eventually becoming a certified sound practitioner.

I am continually captivated by the power and healing properties of crystals and actively study crystal healing and Reiki. Sound therapy is a natural form of alternative healing that taps into the body's natural conductivity for sound vibrations. With crystal bowls, this effect is heightened, merging the powers of sound and crystal energies for an unforgettable sensory and spiritual experience.

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Reiki Teacher (Master) and Practitioner

Meet Erika who is teaching the system of Reiki as a spiritual practice to help others start to take care of their wellbeing. Erika teaches Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is the traditional form of Reiki that focuses on the Japanese energetic system. The teachings, which include meditations and techniques, including hands-on healing, are simple and clear, making them accessible to all regardless of background or experience.

Over the past ten years, Erika have learnt with different teachers and is truly grateful to them for their wisdom and guidance. Erika's current teacher, Frans Stiene continues to be a guiding presence in her life and on my healing journey. Frans is an author and co-founder of the International House of Reiki, continually delving deeper into the teachings behind the system of Reiki.

Erika regularly attends courses with Frans, to help keep her up to date on current teachings and to go deeper into her own understanding of Reiki. She teach courses to individuals and in small groups, allowing learning and healing to take place in a supportive environment. Erika then offers continued support after the courses, including Reiki shares.
Learning the system of Reiki can be life-changing and it is a privilege to be able to walk alongside people as they begin their journey of self-development and healing.

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Senior Yoga Teacher

Cloudia has been teaching and practicing Yoga for over a decade. She  has been working hard to make Yoga accessible to all and runs Workshops, Teacher Trainings and delivers talks on the benefits of Yoga and Breath for the mind and mental health. Her work in the entertainment industry (Film TV and Theatre) has opened doors to lead talks on building confidence within a business environment  trusting your decision making and focusing the mind via breathing technique and understanding your own body.

Cloudia is known for a strong and dynamic class with fluid and intelligent sequencing. Her classes offer a naturally meditative practice; through a consistent focus on the rhythm of the breath, and a richness from Cloudia’s deep knowledge of yogic philosophy and spirituality woven into her teaching.

Claudia encourages students to find balance on and off the mat, using the tools we learn in Yoga to facilitate this.

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Yoga Instructor

Caroline's yoga journey started more than two decades ago with a simple office lunchtime class that changed her life. It gave her a newfound sense of peace, clarity, and lightness that she had never felt before. From that moment, she was hooked and embarked on her yoga teacher training in Bali in 2002. Unfortunately, due to civil unrest, the course was cancelled, and she instead travelled around Asia, teaching English to children in Thailand.

Returning to the UK, Caroline trained to become a primary school teacher but was always called back to yoga teaching. She completed her training as a Children's Yoga teacher with Calm for Kids in 2017 and has been teaching in schools, nurseries, and preschools ever since.

Caroline truly believes in the transformative power of yoga and its ability to support emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. She is continually studying and growing in her practice, completing the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course in 2017 and more recently, a 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Yogahaven. While she has experience in dynamic styles of yoga like Sivananda, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga, Caroline's true passion lies in sharing a mindful, gentle, flow style that allows us to connect with our bodies, breath, and true essence of self. Her aim is to help her students feel connected, recharged, and restored.

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Somatic Trauma Coach and Mind-Body Specialist

Empowering heart-led people to transform the impact of trauma into strength and resilience, Teodora Pile is a somatic trauma coach and mind-body specialist dedicated to guiding individuals towards a path of healing and self-discovery. 

Through an unique approach of integrating trauma resolution tools, nervous system regulation, and embodied awareness, she supports clients unlocking from the negative patterns of anxiety, pain, and fatigue, and fostering a sense of authenticity and connection to self.

Learn to create safety and build capacity in the body for more expansion, growth, joy.

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