Alina Skuba

Alina, a former finance corporate professional with ten years of experience discovered the benefits of yoga for her demanding career. Two year ago Alina decided to establish her own Yoga & Wellness studio in Cotswolds, drawing upon her innate talent for working with corporate clients. She quickly formed strong relationships with local businesses such as Abbott Diabetes, Audley Travel, the local Council, and Sports Clubs, offering a range of wellbeing services.

In 2023, Alina travelled to India and gained a blended yoga qualification focused on mental and physical balances. Alina is also passionate about NLP, helping people turn their unhealthy habits into healthy, sustainable ones through her 21 Day Transformation Programme. Her commitment to ongoing education and dedication to promoting wellbeing make Alina an inspiration to all those around her.

Contact Alina & Yogalina Corporate Wellbeing team now via info@yogalina.co.uk or 01993 402332

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Corporate Clients' Testimonials

“I had never tried yoga, I didn’t know what to expect but I now have a new hobby.

The instructors are fantastic, the sessions are highly enjoyable.

Yoga has quickly become a staple of my week and is helping improve both my physical and mental wellbeing.”

Witney, Oxfordshire

Since starting the sessions after work in the summer, I have found my emotional and mental wellbeing greatly improved and such a wonderful activity to engage with other colleagues in. I would definitely recommend the classes to anyone who just needs some ‘me’ time as it’s not all about the poses and how flexible you are – great for mind, body and soul and leaves you feeling with a deep sense of calm.

Witney, Oxfordshire

My feedback would be that I’m really enjoying the yoga – it’s a great way to relax, whilst also pushing myself. I always thought I wasn’t very flexible but this is showing me that I can do more than I thought I could. I particularly liked the most recent session where we used the blocks and straps for support, though I definitely found myself aching more than usual the next day!

Witney, Oxfordshire