Gym vs Yoga Membership

Gym vs Yoga Membership
At Yogalina Wellness Centre, we are often asked about our yoga studio memberships, how they function, and their overall value. It is perfectly acceptable to compare our monthly yoga subscription to a gym membership, as both operate on a similar practicality-based principle. Our yoga membership offers fantastic savings to customers on a monthly basis, but there is an important caviat – if you don't use it, you lose it.

There are, however, some major differences between a gym membership and a yoga studio membership. We believe it is essential to educate both our current and prospective customers about these differences.

At a gym, customers tend to have minimal interactions with staff members unless they are attending a personal training session or a specific class. Machines are available, and customers usually know what they are doing, which makes for an efficient system. In contrast, a yoga studio membership is a labour-intensive offering as every yoga class involves being supervised by a trained yoga instructor. Our instructors have invested a significant amount of money into their training and qualification. Most of our senior yoga instructors invested over £20,000 into their studies, which reflects the time, energy, love, and care they put towards every single customer. It is only fair to reward them accordingly for their efforts. Moreover, our studio stands out by offering all essential equipment at no additional cost, a service that few of our rivals provide. Nevertheless, this service incurs expenses on our end and hence needs to be accounted for in our pricing structure.
Similar to accountants, lawyers, and consultants, our team has invested heavily in training, qualifications, and experience. We continue to invest in our training, qualifications, and experience, which is reflected in our pricing structure. We offer relatively small classes to ensure that every customer receives our love, attention, and safety while becoming a part of our fun community.
To summarise, whilst both a gym membership and a yoga studio membership involve a monthly subscription with fixed costs for rental, bills, equipment and system expenses, a yoga studio membership offers the additional benefits of personalised attention from qualified instructors, small class sizes, and an invitation to join our inclusive and enjoyable community that is constantly expanding. We welcome you to become a part of it in the near future.