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  • Master The Art Of Letting Go Now

    Master The Art Of Letting Go Now
    The act of letting go can be one of the most challenging things to do, regardless of what it is that we are trying to release off. Whether it's a past relationship, an unfulfilled dream, or a painful experience, the human psyche is programmed to cling to what is familiar, comfortable, and emotionally significant. The powerful driving force behind our actions is our innate survival mechanism. Our animalistic brain perceives comfort as a reduction in danger, thus increasing our chances of survival.
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  • What Should I Wear to a Yoga Class?

    What Should I Wear to a Yoga Class?
    Starting a new class, yoga included, can create a lot of anxiety. Unfortunately, social media doesn’t help here as it often perpetuates the myth that yoga is only for flexible fit women that know what they are doing and are super-bendy. Couldn't be further from the truth, at least at our centre where we do speciality yoga for men, beginner yoga courses and workshops.
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  • The Energy Of Heart

    The Energy Of Heart
    Have you ever contemplated the profound significance behind the phrases "The Energy Of Heart" and "The Energy Of Love?" Join us as we delve into their deeper meaning with the invaluable guidance of Emily Smith, our esteemed Colour Expansion Teacher and Mentor.
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  • Gym vs Yoga Membership

    Gym vs Yoga Membership
    At Yogalina Wellness Centre, we are often asked about our yoga studio memberships, how they function, and their overall value. It is perfectly acceptable to compare our monthly yoga subscription to a gym membership, as both operate on a similar practicality-based principle.
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  • Find Your Perfect Yoga Class Today

    Find Your Perfect Yoga Class Today
    My first experience with yoga was twelve years ago, and back then, I viewed yoga as just yoga. It wasn't until I started my Teacher Training Qualification that I realised the vast array of yoga styles available. 
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  • Discover Yoga - No Experience Needed!

    Discover Yoga - No Experience Needed!
    For those of us who have never tried yoga before, starting something new can be intimidating. I know I get anxious, and I've heard similar concerns from many others who are interested in starting their yoga journey.
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