The Energy Of Heart

The Energy Of Heart

Have you ever contemplated the profound significance behind the phrases "The Energy Of Heart" and "The Energy Of Love?" Join us as we delve into their deeper meaning with the invaluable guidance of Emily Smith, our esteemed Colour Expansion Teacher and Mentor.

The frequency of green holds the essence of our heart, representing space, harmony, and balance. When we apply this to our mind, body, and soul, we can create a state of harmony and balance in both our physical and energetic selves. This can be achieved by creating sacred space in our homes, dedicating more time to self-care and incorporating yoga into our routines. It can also mean establishing clearer energetic boundaries to preserve our own energy and allowing it to flow more expansively. In essence, the frequency of green provides an opportunity for us to delve deeper into self-love and care.

Nature also offers inspiration for self-love and care. The green of trees, hills, and grass serves as a reminder to slow down and take a reprieve from our busy lives. It also serves as a metaphor for life, showing us that even in the hardest of times, new life and growth emerge. Nature teaches us to trust and let go, to allow things to unfold in their own time, and to have faith in the infinite energy that is always at work behind the scenes.

However, when we lack space, connection with nature, or have poor boundaries, negative emotions such as envy, bitterness, and jealousy can arise. These emotions stem from our inability to express anger, which sits in the complementary colour of red. The colour green brings these difficult emotions to the surface, providing an opportunity for us to shift our perception and release negative energy. Green can be incorporated into our daily lives through clothing, art, meditation, or by simply calling upon the colour.

As we navigate through these transitional and transformative times, the energy of the heart is shifting from the conditional love represented by green to the pure and unconditional love represented by pink. This shift signifies a deeper connection with ourselves and others, allowing us to love fully and unconditionally.

In summary, the frequency of green offers us the opportunity to create space, harmony, and balance within ourselves, inspiring self-love and care. Nature serves as a reminder to slow down and trust in the infinite energy at work behind the scenes. Negative emotions that stem from our inability to express anger can be shifted through the use of green, and as we shift towards the energy of pink, we open ourselves up to a deeper connection with ourselves and others through unconditional love.

As we transition into a new energy of unconditional oneness, the colour pink serves as a reminder of the heart and spirit's connection and the positive force of love. It also illustrates that if love is intertwined with spirit, it cannot have any boundaries, demonstrating that limitless, peaceful love is possible. It urges us to recognise that we are all one and there can be no harm inflicted on another because "one" cannot harm oneself.

If you desire to explore self-love further, we invite you to join our upcoming workshop that delves into the energy of 2024. This workshop encompasses the themes of love, money, creativity, and reconnection that embody 2024. Every year, as we move into a new energy, it presents us with collective opportunities to examine significant themes or specific life issues. Love is a significant theme this year and will manifest differently for each individual as our unique energies interplay between the micro and macro.

Colour Mirrors is an innovative system that enables individuals to unravel their subconscious patterns and negative energy blocks. By doing so, it opens us up to receive more love, infinite flow, ease, and grace in our lives. The underlying principle of this system is to guide and support individuals in recognising who they genuinely are in physical form and the boundless potential we all have access to. This system merges the art of colour and numerology, making it an incredible tool to understand the energy of the year and its interlink with our lives.

Join us on an exploration of the energy of 24 and how the Colour Mirrors system presents it. In this workshop, we will cover:

- Examining yourself in relation to the new energy of 2024.
- Clearing subconscious energy using colour mirrors.
- Uncovering emotional blocks related to love, money, creativity, and connection in your subconscious.
- Engaging in colour meditation to visualise change and expansion in your life.
- Positive spiritual messages to encourage more love, money, creativity, and connection into your life.
- Fun with colour and exploring any other energy-related topics, such as limiting beliefs, past lives, ancestry, inner child, and more.

Come join us on this journey of self-discovery and uncover the potential of infinite love, abundance, and creativity that awaits us.