Unleash Your Inner Power with Chakra Yoga

Unleash Your Inner Power with Chakra Yoga

The universe is a vast expanse of spinning wheels of energy, from the grandeur of spiral galaxies to the trillions of atoms swirling within a grain of sand. All life forms, from flowers to trees to human beings, are composed of tiny wheels turning within them, riding upon the great wheel of the Earth as it spins through space. This fundamental building block of nature is known as the circle of life, flowing through all aspects of existence. The chakra system, a concept from the Yoga tradition, explores the subtle energy centres within the body. These spinning wheels, derived from Tantrik philosophy, are focal points for meditation within the human body and are visualised as structures of energy resembling discs or lotus flowers. In the Western Yoga tradition, the chakra system is composed of seven main centres in the human body. Although they are not visible, detectable, or understood by Western medicine and science, the location of the seven chakras along the spinal column of the body corresponds to specific nerve bundles and glands, which have a profound effect on our lives, not just physically, but also psychologically and spiritually.

The chakra system has evolved into a multi-dimensional map, incorporating yogic philosophy, physiology, psychology, and life experiences. Carl Jung added the psychological states associated with the chakras as a modern innovation. For the author, the chakra system holds great symbolic power for self-evaluation and transformation. It offers a way to decode experiences, the energy body, health, habits, tendencies, psychological influences, expression, and longing for spiritual connection. The more we understand the makeup of our being, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually, the more empowered we are to make conscious choices and heal ourselves. Self-enquiry is a crucial aspect of Yogic practice, and recognition is key to any change taking place.

Each chakra can be looked at as a layer, relating to specific life-themes and aspects of nature that live inside us. The spinning centres are vertically aligned along the spinal column, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. With the exploration of each layer, we gain a more refined understanding of our personal and spiritual power in the world, leading to more self-knowledge. The upcoming workshop will delve into the philosophy and tradition of Tantra yoga, give an introduction to each chakra, explore the psychological and symbolic themes associated with each one, and use different practices to integrate them into the body, such as asana, movement, sound, breath, meditation, and visualisation. The majority of the time will be spent on self-reflection and experiential practice, enabling participants to work with the system on an ongoing basis to create more balance in their lives.

The chakra model includes the following:

-The First Chakra, relating to the material world.
-The Second Chakra, relating to sexuality, desire, and creativity.
-The Third Chakra, relating to the ego and willpower.
-The Fourth Chakra, relating to love, forgiveness, and compassion.
-The Fifth Chakra, relating to communication, sound, truth, and expression.
-The Sixth Chakra, relating to the mind, intuition, insight, dreams, and visions.
-The Seventh Chakra, relating to expanding awareness, bliss/higher connection, and wisdom.

At the Yogalina Wellness Centre we have speciality Chakra Healing yoga classes, which you can attend in person or stream online from anywhere in the world. Joining our Chakra healing yoga class is a great way to learn and experience more about the chakra system and its potential for transformation and growth.